Is BL4 Whiter Than B1 Tooth Shade?

Written & Reviewed by Dr David Chen

The bleached tooth shade BL4 is slightly whiter than B1, which is the whitest natural tooth color attainable without any whitening. It may be hard to tell the difference between these two colors if you glance at them quickly.

BL4 vs B1 tooth color
BL4 vs B1

However, if you look very closely you will be able to tell that the B1 shade is a tad more yellow than the BL4. We will show you a lot of different photos from different angles for comparison. We also have a video comparison to help with distinguishing the color nuances.

BL4 vs B1 tooth color

The B1 tooth color is a bit more yellow than the BL4 shade if you compare them very closely.

Below are images of B1 vs BL4 from various different angles so you can see how they compare with one another. Sometimes the lighting affects the color which is why we took them from different views. Hopefully that gives you a better idea of what color they are.

BL4 being lighter is not unexpected since it is one of the bleached teeth shades while B1 is a natural tooth shade. Yes, B1 is the whitest natural color for teeth but it is not whiter than BL4.

Bleach shades BL1, Bl2, Bl3, Bl4 vs B1 tooth color
Bleach shades BL1, Bl2, Bl3, Bl4 vs B1

Put another way, all of the bleached shades (BL1, BL2, BL3, & BL4) are whiter than B1. As a matter of fact, these bleached colors cannot be attained even with consistent teeth whitening.

Typically if you want your teeth in one of these BL shades, you will need to get porcelain veneers. After all, another name for these BL colors is veneer colors because only the porcelain laminates look like this.

B1 tooth shade vs bleach shades Bl1, Bl2, Bl3, Bl4
B1 vs bleach shades BL1, Bl2, BL3, BL4

Video comparison

In the video below, we will do a BL4 vs B1 comparison and show you the color difference from different viewing angles. Sometimes you can get a better perspective via a video instead of still photos. Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to support our future endeavors!

Shade comparison video

BL4 vs Other tooth shades

The bleached veneer color BL4 is ever so slightly whiter than B1 and it may be hard to tell at times. Therefore, it is helpful if you see it compared to some other common tooth shades to give it some perspective as to how white it is.

BL4 vs B2

The B2 tooth color is one shade darker than B1. In the image below you can clearly see that B2 is much darker than BL4. There is no room for debate in this comparison.

BL4 vs B2 tooth color
BL4 vs B2

BL4 vs A1

The A1 tooth color is the second whitest color for natural teeth. You can definitely tell that it is not as white as the BL4 color in the image below.

BL4 vs A1 tooth color
BL4 vs A1

BL4 vs A2

The A2 shade for teeth is considered close to the average color for human teeth. In the comparison photo below, you can definitely tell that the BL4 color is a bleached shade.

BL4 vs A2 tooth color
BL4 vs A2

Color of B1 and BL4

The B1 and BL4 shades are NOT in the same color family.

  • BL4 is actually a bleach shade that is meant for porcelain veneers.
  • B1 is a part of the B shade family which is reddish-yellowish color.
Bleach BL shade guide - porcelain veneers by Ivoclar Vivadent
Bleach shade guide for dental veneers

Another difference is that the BL shades are a part of the hollywood whites color family while the B shades is a part of the natural teeth color. Therefore, one is artificial while the other is natural.

You may find it hard to believe that the B colors are a red-yellow color so we attached the manufacturer instructions below as proof.

VITA shade guide instructions sheet

Overall, the BL shades are not natural because people don’t normally have that color for teeth. The only way to get them that white is by excessively bleaching them and then getting porcelain laminate veneers over them.

You can’t get to that level of whiteness with just whitening alone.

Choosing a veneer color

You’re probably asking about the differences between the B1 and BL4 shades because you’re thinking of getting veneers. You most likely want your teeth to be whiter but not chicklet white like some of the hollywood celebrities.

We’re here to tell you that in our opinion BOTH BL4 and B1 would still look very natural.

  • For one, the B1 is the whitest natural color so you do find people walking around with that color naturally.
  • The BL4 is an artificial color but it is only ever so slightly brighter than B1 so even if you had veneers in this color, most people wouldn’t even know it. A single shade whiter than the most natural one color is still acceptable.

Honestly, if you don’t look that closely at these two colors you may have a tough time telling them apart. We wouldn’t be surprised if dentists even mistake your BL4 veneers for shade B1.

In other words, you have our blessing to get the BL4 for your porcelain laminates.


The veneer color BL4 is whiter than B1 tooth shade. The former is a bleached shade while the latter is the whitest color for natural teeth.

It’s bleached vs non-bleached color so what did you expect? However, the difference in the level of whiteness between these two shades isn’t as great as you may have anticipated. In our opinion, the BL4 can still pass off as natural looking if you get veneers in that color.


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