Hismile V34 Colour Corrector Review By Dentist

Written & Reviewed by Dr David Chen

This is my personal review of the Hismile V34 Colour Corrector Serum, also commonly known as the “purple toothpaste.”

I will be telling you my subjective thoughts based on my personal experience using and testing it. I’ll also be providing you with the objective facts about all of the alleged benefits to using this teeth brightening product.

Hismile V34 colour corrector - bottle next to box

Yes, I am a dentist so don’t skip the section about how this color correcting serum works because I will be explaining how it makes your teeth less yellow. Our goal is to help you in deciding whether or not this whitening product is worth a try.

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The Hismile v34 colour corrector is a purple colored teeth brightening serum and it is not a substitute for toothpaste.

Yes, most people call it the “purple toothpaste” but the labels on the box and bottle explicitly state that it is not a toothpaste replacement. That is why they named it as a “serum” and not as a toothpaste.

Hismile V34 colour corrector - back of bottle directions and ingredients
Directions & ingredients back of bottle

The intended purpose of this product is to brighten your teeth after you’ve finished whitening treatment. It is supposed to reduce yellow tones and increase your teeth brightness. Therefore, please do not be mistaken thinking this is a stand alone teeth whitening product.

Featured benefits

This product is a color correction serum that enhances brightness and conceals yellow tones on the tooth surface.

Hismile V34 colour corrector - box benefits
Benefits on box

Featured benefits:

  • Reduces yellow tones
  • Increases tooth brightness
  • Heavy colour correction

This product is geared towards those who wish to have a whiter and brighter smile.

Product specifications

The contents of the V34 colour corrector serum includes a cardboard box along with 1 bottle.

Net weight1 oz (30 ml)
DispenserAirless pump bottle
Color correctorD&C Red No. 33 (Cl17200), FD&C Blue No. 1 (Cl42090)
AvailabilityOnline retailers

Where it’s made:

  • Formulated in Australia. 225 Burleigh Connection Rd, Burleigh Waters QLD 4220, Australia.
  • Made in Thailand.

Note: The V34 colour corrector serum is spelled correctly as “colour” because Hismile is an Australian company. If it was American made, it probably would’ve been called the V34 “color” corrector serum.


Below is a full list of the 14 ingredients in the v34 colour corrector serum by Hismile.

Hismile V34 colour corrector - box directions ingredients
Directions & ingredients on box

Color correction agent:

  • D&C Red No. 33 (Cl 17200) – Red Dye.
  • FD&C Blue No. 1 (Cl 42090) – Blue dye.

Whitening abrasives:

  • Hydrated silica – mild natural whitening abrasive.

Stain and tartar prevention:

  • Tetrasodium pyrophosphate – tartar and stain prevention.


  • Xylitol – artificial sweetener.
  • Sorbitol – sweetener.
  • Mentha piperita oil – peppermint.

Texture & Body:

  • Glycerin – humectant (prevents drying out).
  • Aqua – water.
  • Polysorbate 80 – surfactant and emulsifier (makes it smooth and easy to apply).
  • Cellulose gum – thickener.
  • Phenoxyethanol – preservative that is antibacterial.
  • Ethylhexylglycerin – preservative that is antibacterial.


The v34 colour corrector serum comes in a glossy purple rectangular cardboard box with a bold white lettering. It is definitely eye-catching which helps it stand out from the crowd.

The box comes sealed on the top and bottom with a piece of tape on both ends.

Upon opening, you can find the bottle of serum somewhat securely held in place by protective cardboard features. I definitely do appreciate it when brands make an effort to protect and prevent their product from being damaged.

The bottle is made of see-through acrylic where you can easily see the purple serum. The cap is made of plastic which can be pulled off. The cap is not a twist off nor flip cap.

Hismile V34 colour corrector - pull off cap
Pull off cap

To begin using it, all you have to do is press the pump to dispense the purple serum. You use it right side up meaning you’re not supposed to flip it upside down.

Hismile V34 colour corrector - dispensing serum onto toothpaste

Overall, the design looks very sleek and aesthetically pleasing, at least in my opinion.

My experience

The most prominent thoughts that came to my mind while using the v34 colour corrector serum are, “wow that is really purple” and “boy, does this make a mess.”

Color: The color of the serum once dispensed onto a toothbrush is a deep dark purple. However when looking at the container from the exterior, it looked more like a light violet.

Smell: Semi-sweet smelling mint.

Taste: It tasted like a very sweet light mint taste, which I actually really liked. I thought it was one of the best tasting oral care products that I’ve tried in a while. It is definitely much more pleasant tasting than the peroxide-based Colgate Optic White toothpastes.

Texture: The texture is very smooth and you can barely feel any grittiness at all. It definitely had no trouble gliding all over your enamel.

Hismile V34 colour corrector - serum sticky texture
Serum has sticky texture

Body: Upon dispensing, it had a very syrupy consistency to it. However, as you leave it on the toothbrush for a couple of seconds, it basically collapses into the bristles.

Clean up: After brushing with this, the purple serum definitely leaves a messy trail in the sink. The purple color kind of splashes everywhere. I suppose toothpaste does it too but since its white you don’t notice as much. The serum on the other hand is bright purple so it is easily noticeable.

Hismile V34 colour corrector - Creates a purple mess in bathroom sink
Creates a mess in sink

Overall, I had a very pleasant experience each time that I used it. I really liked the flavor of it, it’s almost to die for. It’ll be one of the best tasting oral care product that you’ll ever taste.

I really couldn’t find much faults while brushing with it. The only thing that gets to me is the trail of purple mess at the end. It also stains the toothbrush bristles even after rinsing it.

Hismile V34 colour corrector - residual purple stains on toothbrush
Leaves residual purple stains in toothbrush bristles

Last but not least, make sure you clean and wipe away excess serum from the bottle opening so it doesn’t go everywhere inside the cap.

Hismile V34 colour corrector - wiping away excess purple serum from bottle

Pros & Cons


  • Can reduce yellow tones from teeth.
  • Brightening can be permanent.
  • Great tasting flavor.
  • Purple colored serum looks awesome.


  • Not a toothpaste substitute.
  • Doesn’t chemically whiten teeth.
  • Temporarily brightens teeth.
  • Teeth whitening negates its effect.
  • Makes a big mess.
  • Moderately costly.
  • Neutralizes to a gray tone.

Things to Know

5 things to know about the hismile v34 serum:

  1. It’s not a teeth whitening product.
  2. It can reduce yellow tones.
  3. The effects are temporary but can be permanent.
  4. Counterproductive to teeth whitening.
  5. Doesn’t turn white but more of a gray color (Although that’s still better than yellow!)

How it works

Everyone wants to know how brushing a purple serum on your teeth can make them appear brighter.

Well, the entire concept behind how the v34 colour corrector works is based on color theory.

  • Complementary colors (opposite on the color wheel) can neutralize one another.
  • Yellow and purple are complementary colors.

Complementary colors can neutralize each other

When purple is added to yellow, it can remove yellow tones by neutralizing it. This is because they happen to be complementary colors opposite one another on the color wheel.

Evidence that it works:

  • Painters mix purple paint into yellow paint to make it lighter.
  • Purple hair dye is added to yellow hair to neutralize it.
  • Bakers add purple food dye to yellow buttercream to lighten it.

Mechanism for color neutralisation

How mixing two colors make it lighter:

  • Each color will absorb certain wavelengths of light and the color it reflects is what we see with our eyes.
  • The combination of the two colors will absorb more wavelengths and reflect a certain color.

Does it brighten teeth?

This purple toothpaste (v34 colour corrector) technically doesn’t whiten your teeth because makes it more grayish. The color gray does have less yellow tones so it does make your teeth appear “whiter” than what it was before.

If you read the label and their website carefully, nowhere does it say that it is a “teeth whitening” product. It is only listed as a “teeth brightening” product.

This product works differently from traditional whitening products which chemically oxidize the stains in your enamel. How this works is by adding another dye/stain onto your enamel to make it appear lighter in color.

The kicker is that the mixing of yellow and purple actually produces a gray color in small quantities but it can turn brown if mixed in equal quantities.


Overall I think the Hismile v34 is a really cool product and it can help brighten your teeth. If you’re into new trendy products you can give it a try but you do need to be fully aware of what it can and can’t do.

What I like about it:

  • It tastes great.
  • The purple coloring is cool and trendy.
  • It utilizes color theory to reduce yellow tones.

What I dislike about it:

  • It doesn’t bleach or whiten your teeth.
  • It adds a purple dye/stain onto your enamel to make it “appear” lighter in color.
  • It can create more work for teeth whitening later on down the road.
  • It’s not a toothpaste substitute.

With that being said, if I personally wanted whiter teeth, I could choose products that actually contain hydrogen peroxide. That is a legitimate whitening ingredient that can bleach your teeth. After all, it is literally in every single professional whitening product.

Nonetheless, where we do see a use for this teeth brightening product is if you wanted temporarily make your teeth brighter if you were going out. It can help them look brighter for a little while but the effect does wash off if you eat, drink, or brush your teeth afterwards.

Overall I do think this is a really cool, fun, and innovative product from Hismile. I do have high expectations from them for future products. If you wanted to try something new, you should give this a try and spice up your oral care routine.


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