The Whitest Tooth Color For Veneers: Images & Video

Written & Reviewed by Dr David Chen

The whitest veneers possible are in the shades 0M1 or BL1, which are both the whitest colors in their respective bleached shade guide. Yes, they’re manufactured by different companies and thus labeled with different names.

VITA bleach shades vs IVOCLAR bleach shades

We will show you what each one looks like and compare them to a couple of colors. In case you were curious, we’ll also compare them to one another so you can figure out which shade is the whitest one of all.

0M1 veneers color

The 0M1 veneer color is the whitest bleached tooth shade from the VITA toothguide 3D master with bleached shades. VITA is the most popular shade guide used by dentists and chances are, it’s probably the one that your dentist is using.

VITA toothguide 3d master with bleached shades
VITA toothguide 3D-master with bleached shades

Below is what the 0M1 tooth color looks like as a stand alone shade tab.

0M1 tooth color
Shade 0M1

Here is another picture showing 0M1 compared to 0M2, 0M3, B1, A1, A2, A3, A4. This is the veneer color chart with the 0M shades.

Veneer color chart close up of 0M1-0M3 A1-A4 B1
0M veneer color chart – close up

You can see the teeth color getting progressively darker as you move from 0M1 to A4 (left to right). This image perfectly documents the change in the level of whiteness with each shade.

If we’re to be completely honest, it looks very white and you definitely can’t call this shade yellow by any means. If your teeth are this color, you can objectively say that you have white teeth.

Last but not least, for the most drastic comparison you should take a look at what 0M1 looks like next to A4. This is comparing the whitest to the darkest tooth shade.

0M1 vs A4 tooth color
0M1 vs A4


This is a video of what shade 0M1 looks like.

Video comparison with 0M1

BL1 veneers color

The BL1 veneer color is the whitest bleached tooth shade from the IVOCLAR bleach shade guide. While IVOCLAR isn’t solely a shade guide company, they are probably the most well known for their EMAX veneers and crowns. Their bleached shade guide is to help clinicians match the color of the veneers to their ceramics.

Bleach BL shade guide - porcelain veneers by Ivoclar Vivadent
IVOCLAR bleach shade guide for dental veneers

Below is what the BL1 tooth color looks like as a stand alone shade tab.

BL1 tooth color
Shade BL1

This is a picture showing BL1 compared to BL2, BL3, BL4, B1, A1, A2, A3, A4. This is the veneer color chart with the BL shades.

Veneer color chart with BL shades
Veneer color chart with BL shades

You can see the teeth color getting progressively darker as you move from BL1 to A4 (left to right). This image perfectly captures the change in the level of whiteness with each shade.

Yes, BL1 looks extremely white when you put it this way but the most drastic comparison would be against A4.

BL1 vs A4 tooth color
BL1 vs A4

The image above is what you can expect when you compare someone with celebrity hollywood white teeth vs a pack a day smoker teeth.


This is a video of what BL1 tooth shade looks like.

Video comparison with BL1

0M1 vs BL1 tooth shade

Both of these two veneer shades are the whitest ones in their own respective shade guide. They are the whitest bleached shades that you can possibly find for veneers. FYI, teeth aren’t supposed to be in this color, its completely artificial and unnatural but people love it!

However, are they the same color? We’ll show you comparison photos so you can see.

BL1 vs 0M1 tooth color
BL1 vs 0M1 veneer color

They look to be the same level of whiteness, at least in our opinion.

Although we do have to point out a difference that we do notice, which is that the shade tab for the BL1 does seem more opaque than the 0M1. The 0M1 color tab appears to have a bit more translucency to it.

Despite the difference in opacity and translucency, they’re still the same lightness in color. Perhaps you’ll understand better if you see the comparison in a video.

BL1 vs 0M1 veneer color

Hopefully that gives you a better idea of how similar they look to one another.

Are they GOOD veneer colors?

Whether or not BL1 and 0M1 are a good color choice for your new dental veneers depends on your overall cosmetic goal. What are you trying to do and what result do you want to accomplish with the porcelain laminates?

Factors to take into consideration:

  • Are getting a complete smile makeover with 16-20 veneers? About 8-10 veneers on the top and bottom arches.
  • Are you getting a single veneer to match the adjacent teeth?

If you’re getting a total smile makeover, the whitest veneer shades can work because your entire smile will have a consistent color. In fact, you can pick whatever color your heart desires in a situation like this.

However, if you’re getting a single veneer done because you chipped the tooth, both the 0M1 and BL1 may not be a good color choice for you. The chances of your adjacent teeth being naturally that color are slim to nil. A better porcelain shade for you would be one that matches the surrounding dentition. That way your veneer will blend in with the rest of your teeth.

In summary, whether or not they are a good color for you would depend on your situation.


The whitest veneers will come in the BL1 or 0M1 shade. They’re both the same level of whiteness but they’re from different shade guides because of different manufacturers which is why they are labeled as such.

Most dentists will typically only carry a single shade guide so depending on which one they have in their office, that’ll be the one you’ll get to choose from. Luckily for you, now you know which one is the whitest color for veneers regardless of what tooth color chart your dentist may have.

Ultimately, you’re really not missing out on anything if they only have one of these guides rather than both. To be honest, it’s a bit redundant but we purchased them just to show you that they’re similar.


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