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Dr David Chen, DDS

Founder & Author

Dr David Chen was the sole author of Jackson Ave Dental and will continue to be so here at afterva. He is currently a licensed general dentist in Long Island City that is practicing full time while simultaneously also writing.

Dr Chen graduated from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine and then completed his general practice residency at Lincoln Hospital.

After his residency, Dr Chen worked in Westchester, NY while he opened his own dental practice in Long Island City, NY.

Licenses and professional memberships:

NPI and ZocDoc profiles.

Where we came from

Our authors actually began creating oral health content out of our Long Island City dental practice’s website at 1311 Jackson Ave Dental.

However the purpose and vision of our website started diverging from that of the practice. Ultimately we decided that it would provide a more unified and less confusing message for our patients and readers if we just separated them out into two stand alone entities.

And that is how afterva came into fruition.

Jackson Ave Dental - dental chair

Guest authors

Let’s be honest. It’s a monumental task to cover all of oral health in its entirety with just a single person. Therefore we’d be delighted to accept contributions from other licensed healthcare professionals. In fact, if you want to a permanent contributor we’d be even more ecstatic but we won’t ask for too much!

What this also implies is that we will be turning down all proposals from writers in all other disciplines. It’s not that your contributions are not valuable but our purpose here is to encourage other healthcare professionals to write.



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