1M1 vs B1 Tooth Shade: Color Comparison

Written & Reviewed by Dr David Chen

Both tooth shades, 1M1 and B1 are the whitest colors of their respective shade guides, both manufactured by VITA. The former is from the 3D master guide and the latter is part of the classical guide.

Where each color is from:

  • 1M1 is the whitest shade from VITA toothguide 3D-master.
  • B1 is the whitest shade from VITA classical shade guide.

Despite being from the same brand do you know which one is “whiter” or “lighter” in color? Our purpose here today is to show you what each of these colors are and how they stack up against one another.

1M1 vs B1 tooth color

Both the 1M1 and B1 tooth colors are very white but they are still considered a natural tooth shade. In fact, they look pretty similar in “whiteness” to one another and it may be difficult to really distinguish them.

1M1 vs B1 tooth shade
1M1 vs B1 tooth color

Although if we stare really hard into the comparison photo above, perhaps the 1M1 may be ever so slightly whiter than the B1.

What do you think? Do you think one of them looks whiter than the other?

We’re honestly having a fairly difficult time so we’ll compare it to another shade for additional perspective.

Are these colors natural?

Both the B1 and 1M1 shades are considered natural teeth color since they are not part of the bleached shades. The bleached colors are 0M1, 0M2, and 0M3.

B1 vs bleached tooth shades - 0M1 0M2 0M3
B1 vs bleached tooth shades – 0M1 0M2 0M3

Video comparison

To give you a different view of these two colors, we’ve a video comparison for you between these two tooth shades.

1M2 vs B1 tooth color

There are two 1M shades and they are 1M1 and 1M2. The 1M2 is darker than the 1M1 when we compare them side by side.

1M1 and 1M2 tooth colors
1M1 and 1M2

The 1M2 looks slightly more “yellow” or dark than the 1M1.

Below we have put all three tooth shades next to each other to compare.

B1 vs 1M1 and 1M2 tooth colors
B1 vs 1M1 and 1M2

When you look at all 3 of them together, it does seem like 1M1 is whiter than B1 and 1M2. Then again it may just be the angle from the lighting.

Just for comparison’s sake, you can look at B1 vs B4 where you’ll notice a big obvious difference in their colors. The B4 is very dark and we think everyone can agree with that.

b1 vs b4

Which one is whiter?

After comparing all of the colors, we would have to say that 1M1 is ever so slightly whiter than B1 tooth shade. The difference isn’t big by any means because the colors do start to all look the same if you stare at them for too long.

Nonetheless, we would be hard pressed to say that either of them are a bad color. They’re both very white natural shades for teeth and they’re at the white end of the whiteness scale. If you have either of the colors, you should consider yourself blessed.

Although to be completely frank, there are tooth shades that are even whiter than both of them. They are called the bleached shades or the hollywood whites but they’re not as natural looking.


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