What REAL Dental Implants Look Like: Images & Videos

Written & Reviewed by Dr David Chen

We get constantly asked, “What do dental implants look like?” which is why we’re going to show you photos and videos of the real thing.

Get ready to be bombarded with photos.

Dental implant crown with screw fixture
Dental implant crown with screw fixture

The implant looks like a tooth cap that is fixed onto a titanium screw but there are multiple pieces that are used during the process. We will show you what every piece of it looks like.

Dental implant screw fixture

The dental implant screw fixture is the piece that is drilled into the jaw bone and remains there permanently. It’s a medical grade titanium screw whose purpose is to replace the root of your missing tooth.

Video appearance of screw fixture

Below are images of what a dental implant fixture screw looks like from multiple angles.

Appearance features:

  • Medical grade screw made of titanium.
  • Implants can be different widths and lengths.
  • Top has an internal or external connection.
  • There may be features along the body of implant such as vents or cut outs.

In case you were curious, below are x-rays of what the screw fixture for implants looks like.

Zirconium implants

The most widely used implants to replace teeth are made of titanium but a recent advance in technology has unlocked the use of zirconium implants. These are metal-less screw fixtures that are more ceramic than metal and their inspiration came from zirconia crowns.

Zirconia dental implant
Credit: Reham B. Osman and Michael V. Swain

The general populace has been trending away from metal restorations such as metal crowns and that desire has seeped into implants as well. However, we don’t foresee these ceramics replacing the titanium screw fixtures any time soon since most people can’t see the implant anyway.

Implant cover screw

The dental implant cover screw is a tiny screw that gets inserted over the top of the implant fixture. It’s purpose is to cover and protect the top opening of the entire implant fixture which will eventually have a crown on top of it.

Video appearance of cover screw

Below are images of what the cover screw for implants looks like.

To drive the point home, below are photos of how it looks when the screw cover is inserted into the implant. As you can see, it closes off the top of the implant and protects it.

Appearance features:

  • Very small screw like looking piece.
  • The top is very thin and flat.
  • The bottom is long with threads on it.

Implant healing abutment screw

The dental implant healing abutment screw looks like a cover screw except it is bigger and taller than it. As the name implies, it is used for healing, specifically for shaping and guiding the gums after second stage surgery which is when the implant finally gets exposed.

Below are images of what the healing abutment screw looks like from various angles.

Appearance features:

  • A bigger version of the healing cap.
  • The top piece is longer than the healing cap.
  • The bottom piece is long with threads on it.
  • Typically comes in various colors for ease of identification.

The healing abutment caps can come in various different sizes, varying in width and height.

dental healing abutment cap in four different sizes
Different sized healing screws

Once you get your healing abutment cap, you should return to your general or restorative dentist for the final piece of your implant journey, the crown. This is also your last appointment with the surgeon who placed the fixture for you.

Below are x-ray images of what the healing abutment cap looks like.

Dental implant crown

The dental implant crown is a tooth cap except it goes on top of an implant and not your natural tooth. It is either screwed into the implant fixture or cemented onto it via an abutment. We call them screw retained implant crowns and cement retained implant crowns.

screw retained vs cement retained implant crown
Credit: Rahul Nagrath, Manesh Lahori, R. Rai, M. Kaur
Video appearance of implant crown

Below are photos of what a screw retained implant crown looks like since that is what we mostly do and use in our dental practice. Occasionally we may do a cement retained one but only if we are unable to do it screwed in.

Appearance features:

  • togetherLooks very similar to a regular dental crown appearance wise.
  • The screw retained type has a screw access hole through the top.
  • The cement retained type looks identical to natural tooth caps.

Below are images of what implant crowns look like on dental x-rays.

Implant bridges

An implant bridge utilizes the same principles as a dental bridge except this prosthesis is done using implants and not your natural teeth. It’s primary purpose is to replace multiple missing teeth and doing so with less implants than single tooth replacements.

dental implant bridge
Credit: 4G Dental lab

Below we have a panoramic x-ray of one of our patients that have multiple long span implant bridges.

pano-x-ray-of-different-bridges - implants-traditional-cantilever

All on four dental implants

An all on four dental implant is essentially an implant bridge except the entire arch is supported on just 4 single screw fixtures. Often times these implants are longer and angulated in a specific way to increase stability.

glidewell all on four implant
Credit: Glidewell dental lab

As evidenced in the image above from glidewell, you can see four implant holes in the entire arch of the new teeth. Yes, the dental industry has managed to engineer a way to replace 14 teeth with just four screw fixtures. It’s pretty impressive if we do say so.


The dental implant can be considered a “complex” since it consists of multiple components and each piece looks unique.

  • Screw fixture
  • Healing cap
  • Healing abutment screw
  • Crown with abutment

Below is a photo which shows all of the individual components that are used in the implant process.

Four components of a dental implant

Hopefully that satisfies your curiosity of what dental implants look like.


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